The request

In collaboration with Saved by the Dress, the primary objective was to optimize the user experience and drive sales by undertaking a comprehensive redesign of their home page and product page. Additionally, our mandate extended to the creation and management of seasonal marketing campaigns across prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, catering to both sister companies.

The challenge

Create competitor analysis of the top e-commerce product pages in and similar to the women's apparel industry to review what elements we need and don't need to give the customer as much visual and written information as possible. Both sister companies are targeting a different market, keeping all research separate is essential. Review the website design online with the team and make final tweaks before going live.

My approach

The approach involved close collaboration with the web developer in Serbia and the business owner. Together, we analyzed data on top-performing seasons and dress styles to create a tailored game plan. We then implemented a stunning website redesign, automated personalized email and SMS responses, and crafted unique content around our best performers.

The result

Our initiatives brought transformative results, connecting us with diverse demographics and significantly increasing new customer acquisitions. Winback campaigns improved customer retention, elevating overall lifetime value through targeted email funnels and social media retargeting. Leveraging Rakuten affiliate marketing, we attracted influential influencers, generating a substantial influx of new customers and traffic. Saved by the Dress received esteemed Inc500 recognition for two consecutive years, validating our enduring success and dedication to evolving marketing strategies. Our dedicated team continues to refine and enhance marketing efforts daily, elevating the brand's standing.

Services accomplished

Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography