The request

They entrusted me with managing the social media accounts for four sister companies: FK Irons, Darklab, Vertix, and Microbeau. Additionally, their aim was to create engaging video content to promote new products and exceptional tattoo artists, enticing clients to visit their stores.

The challenge

In collaboration with their in-house web developer, I partnered to update specific areas on the website, preparing it for upcoming campaigns. Alongside this, we crafted targeted social media and Google search campaigns, launching new products weekly. Together with their in-house marketing team, we embarked on a journey around the USA, capturing captivating content at various locations, edited and promoted back at headquarters.

My approach

To excel, I implemented a strategy involving the creation of separate accounts and websites for each company, streamlining inventory management and campaign optimization. This approach empowered us to segment audiences precisely, forging strong connections with remarkable relevance.

The result

The outcome surpassed expectations. Seamless integration of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads into the website enabled us to leverage paid marketing channels effectively, driving increased sales on their e-commerce platform. Collaborating closely with their in-house marketing team, we maintained a consistent presence, posting 4+ times daily across all sister company channels, ensuring they remained at the forefront of their audience's thoughts.

Services accomplished

Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography