The request

The challenge was to elevate sales and deliver an unparalleled user experience. As part of the project, I was entrusted with redesigning the website and branding, collaborating with an in-house developer to ensure a seamless outcome. Additionally, I collaborated closely with their in-house digital marketing team to create captivating content.

The challenge

One of the core challenges was catering to both discount shoppers and luxury consumers, as they aimed to offer products that resonated with both segments. Interestingly, by curating a brand that appealed to both ends of the spectrum, targeting discount shoppers often led to the attraction of luxury clientele, resulting in a strategic synergy.

My approach

To achieve success, I conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis and delved into years of company data. Armed with this invaluable information, I undertook a complete website redesign to precisely meet the unique needs of their customers. Moreover, I automated email and SMS communication, ensuring prompt and personalized responses to customer inquiries.

The result

The launch of the new website during the first Cyber Week resulted in an astounding $8 Million in generated revenue. Implementing a meticulously planned social media strategy allowed for scheduling posts 45 days ahead, enabling efficient focus on pioneering research and new campaign development.

Services accomplished

Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography

Elevating sales

Our ads garnered qualified leads, while remarkable design and user experience updates significantly improved time on page and ordering process, resulting in a substantial boost to overall revenue.