The request

My expertise was sought to elevate the user experience and boost sales through a website and branding overhaul. The goal was to establish a steady flow of leads, facilitating the expansion of the sales team.

The challenge

To accomplish this, I initiated a comprehensive competitor analysis, meticulously evaluating top lead generation sites in the audio/video industry. This enabled us to identify essential elements necessary to provide customers with the information they seek, inspiring them to choose our services.

My approach

Drawing on years of company data and the competitor analysis insights, I executed a complete website redesign, tailored precisely to meet the unique needs of our customers. Additionally, I introduced automated email and SMS communication systems, ensuring prompt and personalized responses to customer inquiries.

The result

The outcome was a total transformation of the digital and print presence, expertly targeting luxury residential and commercial clients from Palm Beach to Miami. I conceptualized, designed, and launched influential print publications such as Ocean Drive, Style & Design, and Boca Magazine, effectively reaching our desired demographics. Through strategic digital ad spending, we generated a steady stream of 5-15 leads daily. Furthermore, our efforts to target condos with postcards and tri-fold print materials brought in additional leads, solidifying our success in the market.

Services accomplished

Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography